It has been a while since last post. Just a quick update about what was going on.

My first paper was accepted for publication on Journal of Biomedical Optics.

Keith and I went to canoe on the Wabash river. The canoe that a Korean couple was on tipped over. Luckily, they had life ring on. It was scary to canoe on Wabash since we almost tipped over at two points.

More scary, we went to ride roller coasters in Kings Island in Ohio. That was the first time I went on a roller coaster. I am not sure if I dare to try it again.

I have my teeth deep cleaned and three oral cavities fixed. One tooth is still hurting and I cannot bite on that side. Hope it will get better soon.

I have two undergraduate students working with me for the summer section. I need to submit a paper before July 1st and have not started to write yet. Hope I can make the deadline. Good luck on the research.

OK, that is all for now. If you guys want to know more detail or anything, just drop me a line.

No one seems interested to register on my website since till now only one person registered and I do not know who he/she is. It might just because I update too rare. Hope I will change this situation.