Keith set this website for me quite a while ago.  Because of the lazy nature of human being, I have not posted anything here yet till today.  I am planning to transfer from other several blogs I have to here.  Hope this will go smoothly.

2007-12-20Test Post

Well, looks to be working… I’ll delete this soon.

This was a post to test on  Since I have got my own website now, my account on blogger is not used anymore.


好久没有更新了,最近发了两篇文章,可是都提示说要审核。第一篇折腾了很久终于弄上去了,第二篇现在不知道到哪里去了。不爽,哪里会有那么多的反动言论。发表一个文章这么麻烦,不想用新浪的博客了。我有一个windows live的space但是在那个上面没有come out。应该默认每个人不会发表反动言论,一旦发现了严惩就是了,信用机制的问题,哎。不知道这第二篇文章会审核多久,对了,这篇文章应该也会被审核。怀疑能发表出去么?

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