2009-10-07Shedd Aquarium

Last weekend, we went on a day trip to Chicago for Corey’s nontraditional bachelor’s party.  We went to the Museum of Science and Industry in the morning and Shedd aquarium in the afternoon.  This was the second time Keith and I visited Shedd aquarium.


Shedd aquarium is right next to Lake Michigan.

2009-09-13Corn Maze Trip

We went the largest corn maze Explora Acres in the central northern Indiana this Saturday. Before that, we had lunch in the Journey sushi bar in Indianapolis.  The sushi there is just so so, but hot Tommy boy went together with us.  Since you will have a map of the whole maze,  it is hard to get lost.  Being inside the corn field,  you cannot tell the figure of the whole maze. Here are some pictures we took.

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