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2010-08-08Lovely Pittsburgh

We visited Pittsburgh for two day.  It is such a lovely place.

Today we went to Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.  There were so  many exotic flowers and plants I have never seen before.  The conservatory is located right next to Carnegie Mellon University, which is right next to the University of Pittsburgh.  We also went on the highest floor in the Cathedral of Learning where we had a overhead view of the city.

National aviary is another attraction we went to.  We saw African penguin  there.  They stayed actually outdoor.  I thought penguins can only survive in cold weather.  No wonder they are African penguins.  Meeting with the laughing kookaburr was one of the best things today.  Here is the video:

We did not have time to go to the History Center but I went to the Mattress Art Museum where we thought it would be boring.  Actually it turned out to be a fun place.  Escpecially where the rooms are extremely dark and right after a turn, you will see some projections on the wall which produce some 3D effect.

We drove to the Mount Washington several times but still need to go there tomorrow morning before we leave the city to buy a fridge magnet as a souvenir.  Mountains and rivers, two elements make Pittsburgh such a lovely city.

We went to Indiana University Bloomington to visit my friend.  Lake Monroe, the largest lake in Indiana, is only 20 minutes away from IUB campus.  We and her friends rented a ski boat on the lake.  It was my first time to drive a ski boat.  It was really fun and I definitely will go back sometime.

2009-10-07Shedd Aquarium

Last weekend, we went on a day trip to Chicago for Corey’s nontraditional bachelor’s party.  We went to the Museum of Science and Industry in the morning and Shedd aquarium in the afternoon.  This was the second time Keith and I visited Shedd aquarium.


Shedd aquarium is right next to Lake Michigan.

2009-09-13Corn Maze Trip

We went the largest corn maze Explora Acres in the central northern Indiana this Saturday. Before that, we had lunch in the Journey sushi bar in Indianapolis.  The sushi there is just so so, but hot Tommy boy went together with us.  Since you will have a map of the whole maze,  it is hard to get lost.  Being inside the corn field,  you cannot tell the figure of the whole maze. Here are some pictures we took.

After 10 hour driving from Purdue in Indiana, passing through Ohio, Pennsylvania, we finally arrived at Buffalo in New York state and settled down in the Days Inn. The hotel room is actually pretty nice, about 65 dollars per night. It is first time for me to drive that long. Glad had Keith here to help me through at several points.

Tomorrow morning, my friend Jon is going to pick us up and I will go to apply a vistor VISA to Canada. Hopefully, I can get the VISA and go to see the scences and eat authetic food in Toronto. Jon is going to show us the city and possibly go to see the Niagara Falls in USA side. It is pretty late now. I need to sleep and have energy for tomorrow. I am going to post pictures we took on the way later if you are interested. Wait for update tomorrow

It has been a while since last post. Just a quick update about what was going on.

My first paper was accepted for publication on Journal of Biomedical Optics.

Keith and I went to canoe on the Wabash river. The canoe that a Korean couple was on tipped over. Luckily, they had life ring on. It was scary to canoe on Wabash since we almost tipped over at two points.

More scary, we went to ride roller coasters in Kings Island in Ohio. That was the first time I went on a roller coaster. I am not sure if I dare to try it again.

I have my teeth deep cleaned and three oral cavities fixed. One tooth is still hurting and I cannot bite on that side. Hope it will get better soon.

I have two undergraduate students working with me for the summer section. I need to submit a paper before July 1st and have not started to write yet. Hope I can make the deadline. Good luck on the research.

OK, that is all for now. If you guys want to know more detail or anything, just drop me a line.

No one seems interested to register on my website since till now only one person registered and I do not know who he/she is. It might just because I update too rare. Hope I will change this situation.

Keith set this website for me quite a while ago.  Because of the lazy nature of human being, I have not posted anything here yet till today.  I am planning to transfer from other several blogs I have to here.  Hope this will go smoothly.

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